Our Bands

More than 500 Nacogdoches ISD students are currently involved in the district’s band program. The program begins at each middle school in the sixth grade year introducing students to basic introduction of instrumental music fundamentals and continues through the twelfth grade concluding with a full curriculum of concert and marching instruction.


We begin in April or May of the students fifth grade year demonstrating the various instruments used in band and students are administered a music aptitude survey to determine a basic listening and concentration skills. The sixth grade year is the first time that students are allowed to “choose” an elective class, so all fifth grade students are administered the survey. Students are then mailed the survey results along with information regarding the NISD Band Programs and an elective choice form.

Once students are enrolled in one of the two sixth grade band classes offered at each middle school, the staff of directors reintroduces the seven basic band instruments used in the NISD band program. Individual evaluation notes are made on the students physical appearance (long arms, has or needs braces, short fingers, lip size/shape, etc). With the conclusion of this two week process, the students are asked to select three favorite instruments and the directors will guide them towards their best choice of the three based on their physical evaluation. Like any endeavor, the foundation is crucial to how successful the future will be. Once the proper brand of band instruments are secured, the staff of directors divides each class based on like instruments and fundamental teaching begins.


Moses and McMichael Middle Schools contain an active and successful seventh and eighth grade bands. Students who are in other activities such as choir, athletics, cheerleading, etc may also be in the seventh and eighth grade band. Middle School band students continue to learn good music fundamentals, develop more technique, and begin to develop a basic understanding of the six-to-five military marching style. During the fall semester, both middle school bands have twirlers, participate in their school’s home football games, play at pep rallies, march in the SFA Homecoming Parade as well as the Nacogdoches County Veteran’s Day Parade. They also participate in the Region XXI All Region band competition as well as perform in the annual NISD Band Christmas Concert held at Nacogdoches High School.

During the spring semester, both schools participate in the Region XXI Solo and Ensemble competition, Pre UIL Concert Program, UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest, and the end of the year spring concerts held at SFASU. Eighth grade members also end the year by performing at the high school graduation ceremony with the Nacogdoches High School band.

Mike Moses Middle School

Director: Crystal Bradsher
Phone: (936) 569-5001 ext 270

McMichael Middle School

Director:John Kennon - j_kennon@nacisd.org
Phone: (936) 552-0519 ext 2204


Band at Nacogdoches High School begins August 1. Freshman students participate in three days of “freshman band camp” before all other high school students report. This extra practice helps to establish the NHS style of playing and rehearsing in students not yet exposed to the tradition. Many activities of the fall are centered around football games, UIL Marching Contest, pep rallies and parades.

As soon as the football season is complete, the entire band is auditioned individually and students are divided into two bands, the Concert Band (junior varsity) and the Symphonic Band (varsity). Activities of both bands are basically the same, with the exception of the study of music literature. Students in the Concert Band focus on quality band literature that is on their level of experience, while attempting to continue focusing on the development better fundamental playing. Symphonic Band students study quality college level literature and continue to focus of the development of their level of individual playing and performance. Both bands have many students compete and succeed in the All Region and Area band competitions as well as the UIL Solo and Ensemble Competition. There are two rehearsal rooms at Nacogdoches High School so student schedules remain the same throughout the year.

Nacogdoches High School

Director of Bands: Jacob Weems - j_weems@nacisd.org
Phone: (936) 564-2466 ext 2293/2298