Volunteers Needed!

Parent Responsibilities and Opportunities to get Involved

  • Get your student to and from practices /games/concerts/contest on time.
  • Remind your student to practice his or her music
  • Ask if they have passed off their music
  • Encourage your student
  • Be involved with your students band experience
  • Keep tabs on your students grades, call or email their teachers, and make sure you know how they are doing in class. Remember, they must be passing all classes to participate.

Volunteer to Chaperone

  • Bus trips- advantages, you get to know many more of the band students, get into the games for free, know exactly what time your student gets back, save on gas money, don’t have to drive home late!
  • Duties: help check role, supervise the kids our kids need very little supervision, they are great kids), help the student with their uniforms, pass out the food, make sure everything is off the bus when we get home.
  • We take 5-6 buses to each away trip, we need 4-5 chaperones per bus, so we need 30 or more people to help with the bus trips. You DO NOT have to be on the same bus as your child unless you just want to be.


  • Every concession stand at the stadium is run by the Band Boosters. One stand is run by Freshmen parents, one by Sophomore Parents, and the third is run by Junior Parents. It takes 7-8 workers for each home game per stand. It really is a fun time, and you will get to know many parents you may have never met before.
  • JV games are on Thursday night. We only open one stand on Thursday nights. We have many senior parents that work these games, but we are always in need of workers. 4-5 workers will usually be enough for a JV game night.
  • In the spring we have one stand open for the soccer games. There are usually two soccer games a week. It is much slower and we usually only need 3-4 workers per game.

Concession Volunteers for Friday Night Football Home Games

  • Freshman Stand (#2)
  • Sophomore Stand (#1)
  • Junior Stand (#4)
  • It takes 7-8 workers for each home game per stand. It really is a fun time, and you will get to know many parents you may have never met before.


Annual BBQ Dinner

This event continues to grow and grow. Each year we produce thousands of dinners in a very short amount of time. This is a HUGE undertaking, but a lot of fun and fellowship too. We need 50 or more workers to have it go smoothly. Sign up to help! We need some workers who can help during the day for 3 or 4 days, and the rest of the work is done after school or work.

Icing Down the Drinks

We need someone who will be willing to ice down and transport the coolers full of drinks Thursday night or Friday morning for each Friday night , and for the 2 parades. The drinks would need to be iced and brought to the band hall.

Annual Gold Card Sales

Help your student sell his or her Gold Cards. This event has been going on for nearly 20 years. The community is willing to buy them. We also need someone who can go to McMichael and Mike Moses everyday during the Gold Card event to take money and issue more cards to the Junior High students.

Be involved. Be seen by your child. Be an active member of the NHS Band Boosters Organization. You will meet great people, and make some great new friends. It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the incredible NHS Golden Dragon Band.